"Bronx Man Leads Russian Revolution" and other Stories of Espionage in New York City

image courtesy John Wisniewski
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Taught by Lucie Levine

Lucie Levine is the founder of Archive on Parade, a local tour and event company that aims to take New York’s fascinating history out of the archives and into the streets. She’s a Native New Yorker, and licensed New York City tour guide, with a passion for the city’s fascinating social, political and cultural history.


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Slip into the covert history of New York City, and follow in the footsteps of four centuries of spies. Explore New York’s finest hotels and most elegant office towers, as well as its toughest docks and most derelict tenements, through the eyes of an active agent. Along the way, you’ll learn the identity of America’s first Spy Master, find out who “heard it through the Grapevine,” and see what on earth the Bronx has to do with the Bolsheviks.  

The history of espionage in New York City predates the nation itself. From the Revolution to the present day, covert ops have flourished in the five boroughs. This lecture-based class will offer a survey of the city’s cloak and dagger personalities and locales. We’ll discuss how New York City’s myriad parks, miles of subway, and millions of residents created the perfect environment for a city of spies. Grab your fake passport and join us!


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