Brewshop 101: Homebrewing Essentials at Bitter & Esters

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Taught by Bitter & Esters

Douglas Amport and John La Polla founded Bitter & Esters, the city’s first do-it-yourself brewery and homebrew supply shop, motivated by their knowledge and passion for brewing as equal parts art and science. Fueled by the desire to inspire, educate, and nurture the growing homebrew community in a friendly space, they conceived Bitter & Esters as a brew on premises location, complete with classes, and access to resources, as well as a supply store and creative hub for sharing brew tips and techniques.

Bitter & Esters fosters a deep commitment to the craft of brewing, as well as the creative spirit that comes with it. Anyone can learn how, so stop by! See what you can brew.

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This class is designed for the homebrewing novice. It is a fantastic experience for anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of beer, its ingredients, and the process by which it's made in a friendly and savvy environment. We teach in a concentrated 2 to 3 hour workshop format that focuses on practical brewing techniques. Our teaching style is casual while also presenting a wealth of information. It is designed to provide our students the confidence, knowledge, and experience needed to become proficient home brewers and cultivated beer drinkers. You will learn all the basics to get you up and running while brewing a batch of beer. You’ll learn about extract brewing, malts, grains, hops, yeasts and how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common problems.

This class meets at Bitter and Esters, located at 700 Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. 21+.

Accessibility: Bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

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