Bonsai in the Palm of Your Hand

Julian Velasco
C45573cd seeable

Taught by Julian Velasco

Julian Velasco is a bonsai professional and former curator of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum’s world famous collection of 300+ bonsai for over 10 years. Julian has designed, developed and maintained some of the best bonsai in the US. Along with solo bonsai art shows, his bonsai art has been commissioned for film, museums, designers, architects, and of course private bonsai collectors.

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Enter the world of the smallest of the small. When we think of bonsai we think of these beautifully small miniature trees. However bonsai come in all shapes and sizes, from extra large to extra small. In this class we delve into the care, maintenance and styling nuances of one of the smallest of the bonsai art world. Perhaps the cutest size of all! “Shohin” style.

Although extra small, there are a lot of challenges to this class, which will focus on bonsai design including, identifying and pruning great branch lines, and creating balance of energy in the tree for health to achieve our artistic goals.

This is a great class, which can accelerate the study of pruning techniques because of the compactness and size of the bonsai, we can really focus on the tiny details. By the end of the class each student will have a wonderfully refined tiny living treasure to take home and take care of.

With Julian’s guidance and supervision, students will learn how to prune, shape and maintain their bonsai. Bonsai tools will be available for use during the class. Your tree and container are included in the price of the class. 


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