Biotechnology Crash Course

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Taught by Dr. Julie Wolf of Genspace

Dr. Julie Wolf is a microbiologist and Communications Social Media Specialist at the American Society for Microbiology. Dr. Wolf spent her research career focused on medical mycology and infectious disease. Broadly interested in microbiology and scientific communication, she has taught at Long Island University, CUNY-BCC, and has worked with Genspace since 2012. Find her writings on mBiosphere and her non sequiturs on Twitter @JulieMarieWolf.



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Did you know that an entire human genome can be sequenced in three days? And that all the cheese that you eat is made with genetically engineered rennet?

Biotechnology touches our lives in many ways, and it is changing with blinding speed. This course covers the basic techniques that facilitated the biotechnology revolution, and shows you where it is headed in the near future.

We go over the basic concepts, then get right into the wet lab work. You will isolate mitochondrial DNA from yourself and amplify it for sequencing using PCR. When the sequence data comes back, we use bioinformatics to interpret it. You'll learn the fundamental techniques for pursuing genetic engineering projects, including gel electrophoresis and the use of restriction enzymes for cutting DNA. This is a great first course. We recommend that anyone contemplating a lab project at Genspace or thinking of taking the Synthetic Biology Course take this one first, if possible.

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