Biking in Heels: Commuter Cycling for Women

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Taught by Emily Scott

Emily Scott lived in the Netherlands for a year and a half, where she was schooled in the art of commuter cycling.  While there, she learned to carry three bags of groceries on a bicycle, and witnessed those around her carrying significantly more unwieldy objects, including a single mattress and a canoe.  Here in New York, she rides a 1978 Panasonic Sport Deluxe.  She also happens to be a pastor at St. Lydia's, a Dinner Church in Gowanus.

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Do you wish you rode your bike more, but don't want to ruin your work clothes? Eager to buy a bike and get riding, but intimidated by New York traffic? Fear not! Together, we'll determine what kind of cyclist you are (commuter? recreational? errands around the neighborhood?), what type of bike will work best for your purposes, and the sort of gear you'll need to get going. We'll discuss how to stay safe on busy, potholed streets, and prepare to be assertive, competent riders ready to hold our own in the bike lanes.

If you're worried that city cycling is a recipe for looking disheveled and/or post-workout, fear not -- this class will offer loads of tips just for women who resist spandex in all its forms. You'll learn how to limit sweatiness, banish helmet hair, and yes, bike in heels.

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