Beginner's Journaling: A Four Week Series (In Person)

Jessica Lewis Creative
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Taught by Kelly Laughlin

Kelly Laughlin is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who focuses on the playful, meditative acts of making. She believes every person is capable of living a creative life. Kelly is the founder of Odette Press, a paper marbling and bookbinding studio focused on specialty papers, books, and stationery, created with the intention to support self discovery and healing through the act of writing. 

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Journaling is like a seed we plant and tend to over time that blooms and grows with dedication. In this brand new class, explore practice of writing for reflection, build a sustainable journaling ritual and routine that fits your goals and needs, and cultivate community and conversation in the process. 

Each week for four weeks, you’ll dedicate an hour to your brand new practice. Learn tips, tricks, resources, and benefits of a journaling practice. In each session, there will be ample time for question asking and discussion centered around the joys and challenges of your writing (what you’re noticing, excited about, and what’s in your way) and you’ll be guided through prompts, creative exercises, and questions to consider in your practice, both in the class space and in between sessions. 

Set the foundation for your creative, reflective life in this beginner series class. 

For class you’ll need a journal or paper and pen or pencil with you for class each week. Shop Odette Press journals here, if you’d like, and while it’s not required reading, a copy of Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is recommended.

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