Beekeeping 101

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Taught by Tim ONeal

Tim ONeal is a New York City public school biology teacher who maintains and consults on hives throughout New York City. He has kept bees for almost 20 years and got his first two hives in middle school. He was as popular as that implies.

photo credit: Shelly Fank

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There's an old saying that I like: Two beekeepers, three opinions.

Beekeeping as an art and a science has many schools of thought and even more opinions. In this class, I will teach you the basics of beekeeping with both bee behavior and science as a foundation. Together, we will clear a path through all the obstacles and opinions while laying the groundwork for understanding the apiary essentials.

With a firm grasp of good beekeeping practices and the science behind them, I hope that you will leave this class excited and able to further explore this amazing hobby and enjoy it as much as I do.

A few things we'll learn about:

-Matriarchs and Regicide: Power Struggles, Murder, and Bee Social Structure
-Eww: Where Honey Comes From and A Tasty Taste Test
-Bee Still My Aching Back: Hive Inspections and Maintenance
-Bees in The Boroughs: The Travails of Urban Beekeeping

(Class size: around 20)

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