Becoming a Self Made Cameraperson

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Taught by Michelle Smawley

Michelle Smawley is an award-winning non-fiction and news television producer, director, writer and media consultant whose work over the last 20 years has been featured on all three major television networks, PBS, cable and independent. Michelle has produced, directed and developed stories for NOW on PBS, 20/20, Primetime Live, 60 Minutes and Biography on A&E, to name a few. Michelle has also worked as a general assignment television reporter in Missouri and as a radio features reporter for an NPR affiliate in the Midwest. She could not be more thrilled to bring some of that experience to the canvass of the IPhone, Droid Incredible or PDA of your choice!

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Are you the family filmmaker? The person to capture the baby’s first steps, a meaningful conversation with a parent who lives faraway, or your pets latest and greatest new trick…all on your phone or flipcam??? If so, this course if for you.

I'll teach beautiful technique to maximize the filming of those special moments. Through practice sessions we will go over the basics of interviewing, ways to simply and organically light your subjects and filmmaking 101 (framing, movement, etc.). Feel free to bring a few videos already shot on your PDA for critique. You will leave this class inspired and emboldened to create new moments with some basic production know- how.

So bring your blackberry’s, your Droids, IPhones and Flipcams and let’s make some films!

**This course can only accommodate PDA’s and flipcams and you must already know the basics of the video function on your device.

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