Beckett for Beginners

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Taught by Dr Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a psychoanalyst in New York and Dublin Ireland. Two years ago, all he knew about Beckett was “Waiting for Godot” and now, he’s 30,000 words deep into a book linking psychotherapy and the writing of Samuel Beckett.

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Samuel Beckett’s work is often regarded as difficult, requiring a high tolerance for confusion and incoherence. But in “listening” to Beckett, the reader becomes aware of another, very different thread: the familiar voice of a patient in psychotherapy!

These two sessions will introduce Beckett via the first patient in psychoanalysis, Anna O. It’ll prepare you for reading Beckett’s Novellas through the lens of understanding what individuals do and say in therapy. Better than painless, it’ll be fun: with group readings and discussion.


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