Beautiful Math

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Taught by Julia L.

Julia Lintern currently works at Jetblue as an Aircraft Structures Engineer. She also has her own fashion label and has worked intermittently in costume design.

She has always been fascinated by the overlap of the analytical and creative minds and continues to work on various projects that strengthen the cooperative action between the two.

She is currently working towards a Master's in Applied Mathematics at Hunter College.

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As artists, designers and creative problem-solvers, we can use math to describe and interpret our world in innumerable ways.

This class will explore several of the well known and not-so-well known phenomena of mathematics.  We will discover why these subjects are so compelling both aesthetically and conceptually... And you will have the chance to design phenomena of your own!

In our 1st Session:

We will discuss  Fibonaccii, Phi, the Golden Rectangle and Sacred Geometry.

We will learn the math behind these myths and discover why many believe there is cosmic significance behind these geometric forms.

In our 2nd Session:

Calculus!  We will discuss the numbers and the concepts as well how Calc can be applied to areas of design.  You will see that Calc is neither boring nor scary--but instead a powerful tool.   We will also take a glimpse at the fascinating world of Hyperbolic Geometry.

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