Beaded Tennis Bracelets

Sharon Zeisel
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Taught by Sharon Zeisel

Sharon Zeisel studied art education at Long Island University right here in Brooklyn. She has been teaching beading all over the city for nearly a decade.

Sharon is a longtime resident of Windsor Terrace where she is raising her 2 daughters to embrace their creativity.


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No class on December 17th! 


In this 1.5 - 2 hour session we will be learning how to bead stitch: sewing small beads together to produce a gorgeous patterned piece of jewelry. We will utilize the "right angle weave" which is a basic pattern in bead stitching, which will provide the base of a bracelet to be embellished to give a rich and full look to a quite simple design.

Although the results look intricate and complex, this is a beginner class and participants will each leave with one completed tennis bracelet, as well as a pattern and the knowledge to create many more on their own! Come join in on a modern day beading circle and get hooked on the need to bead!

We'll have a selection of beads to choose from, though they won't be the exact same beads as in the photos! 




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