Bead Weaving

image courtesy Jessica Kaufman
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Taught by Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman holds a Masters in Crafts Education and leads a wide variety of fiber arts and textile workshops up and down the east coast. Her top-tier teaching topics are knitting, dyeing, felting, and surface design. Formerly of Brooklyn, Jess now lives in Asheville, NC. Find her online at &
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Bead weaving is an amazing chance to learn the principles of weaving and beading on a small scale. 

Using homemade looms made from common, everyday materials (which you will learn to make for yourself at home, if you like!), mercerized cotton for the warp, silky Nymo thread for the weft, embroidery needles, and of course loads of gorgeous “E” beads, we will make bracelets, bookmarks, ornaments, wall-hangings, or whatever you’d like to use your finished project for.

Adventurous beginners can choose to chart their own design with graph paper, enabling us to weave letters/numbers, symbols, even pictures of mountains, fish, geometric designs—the only limit is your imagination and the number of warp strings you choose! Come be amazed at the beauty of your finished projects and the easy step-by-step process to creating interlocking rows of beautiful beads. 

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