BBQ Basics

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Taught by Carrie King

Carrie is a trained chef, writer and teacher. She loves to demonstrate that the path to being a better cook is paved with local and seasonal ingredients, good times and good intentions. Real food is simple food and everyone can make it - no matter how small your oven or kitchen is! When not cooking or writing about it, Carrie can be found poking around markets looking for the components of her next meal.

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Not quite the grill master that you'd like to be? Come to this class and learn some tips that'll get your mouth watering and taste buds in a tizzy.

We'll travel the globe to make a few basic marinades and rubs that'll have your chicken dancing on the grill. Teriyaki, Jamaican jerk and Argentinean chimichurri - your grilled steaks will never be boring again!

We'll also discuss regional BBQ flavors from the US of A, experimenting with a Carolina inspired, mustard-based BBQ sauce that will be a perfect match for your summer time grilled pork. And don't worry, you'll be able to sample the sauces we whip up along the way. 

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