Backyard Chickens

image courtesy Nigel Wedge
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Taught by Kristen Jasionowski

Kristen Jasionowski has been a farmhand atop the golden hills of California and an urban gardener battling the squirrels in Philadelphia. She currently spends her time as an edible landscaping designer, homesteader, & locavore, deep in the woods of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. She is also an artist & vocalist.





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Chickens have the amazing ability to convert kitchen scraps, bugs, and grain into tasty, nutritious eggs and high-nitrogen fertilizer, while providing free pest & weed control and entertainment. They're relatively cheap and easy to maintain, and citizens of New York City are allowed to keep an unlimited number of hens. If you have access to a few square feet of dirt, you can keep chickens!

In this class, we'll go over the basic requirements of Gallus gallus domesticus, and the differences between factory farmed and backyard chickens. Then we'll discuss specific methods for things like raising baby chicks, choosing a coop, and using the manure.

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