All is Not Fair in Copyright: Intro to Fair Use

image courtesy Horia Varlan
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Taught by Genan

Genan is an attorney by day and sometime arts publicist by night.  She started off in copyright law - and seeks to correct misconceptions about copyright law and especially fair use. 

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What you will learn:  A basic survey course in what is fair use, and what is actually stealing or appropriating other people's work.

This one session course will give you a basic overview of your rights, the rights of artists, and how you can sound smart talking about the law.  

Have you ever wondered what exactly fair use is?  (i'll give you a hint - it doesn't give you carte blanche to use other people's work without asking).  Fair use  does permit creative types to use other's work in certain limited situations.  The key word is "limited".  

In this class we are going to go over go over the basics of fair use (and copyright law as well).  Bring your burning questions or just your curiosity.  



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