A Taste of Persian Cuisine

image courtesy Azita Houshiar
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Taught by Azita Houshiar

Azita Houshiar is an Iranian American writer, illustrator and cooking instructor based in Brooklyn, NY. Azita is deeply passionate about sharing the food and culture of her native country;and she is an enthusiastic and helpful teacher. Check out her blog Fig & Quince where she writes about the Persian culture and shares modern interpretations of delicious and authentic Persian home cooking recipes.

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Traditional Iranian cuisine combines layers of flavors and a flourish of textures with a heavenly result that delights the senses and taste buds. Fluffy rice steaming fragrant with saffron; succulent stews infused with herbs and fruits, tangy and savory at once; enchanting staple ingredients like saffron, berberries, dried limes, pomegranates and cardamom; colorful summertime syrup drinks made with flower blossoms! It's no wonder then that Persian food is poised to be the next hot thing on the culinary scene.

But what is Persian food exactly? In this class, we will have an engaging audio-visual lecture as a general introduction to Persian cooking, during which we will touch upon the philosophy of 'hot' and 'cold' food; trademark ingredients; quintessential flavorings, and the classic types of Iranian dishes.

Warning: this lecture will make you very hungry! To make up for it, we will be enjoying this appetizing lecture with chai va shirini (tea and sweets.) In classic Persian style!

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