A Quick and Dirty Introduction to the Canterbury Tales

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Taught by Dan Cwirka

Dan splits his time between various African countries and Brooklyn primarily working with musicians. In between those adventures he tries to make the most of his English Literature degree. He was once complimented on his sense of rhythm by a Ghanaian musician. This has given him an undeserved sense of superiority and confidence in his dancing. Within the same week a Brit remarked on his dry sense of humor and he held his own against a ping pong player from China. It was a stereotypically good week. 

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You may already be familiar with The Canterbury Tales, though perhaps only through forced readings. But it is a truly odd, unique, beautiful, and funny piece of literature, that also happens to be wonderfully subversive and rude. This class is an opportunity to explore what makes The Canterbury Tales so special and why they're still worth your time.

Also, Middle English isn't that hard.

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