Printmaking Workshop: Make Your Own Stationery

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Taught by Christine Garvey

Christine Garvey is a Brooklyn-based artist and printmaker that works primarily in print, collage and mixed-media. She studied Printmaking and Drawing at Washington University in St. Louis, and later moved to Thailand where she worked with Chiang Mai Art on Paper’s Master Printer, Kitikong Tilokwattanotai. She enjoys finely sharpened pencils, bagels, and collaborations of all kind. To view more of her work visit

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After this workshop, your thank you cards and letters will never be the same.  

In three glorious hours, you'll be able to:

Design, carve, and edition your own personalized letterheads using hand-made stamps

• Learn new mark-making techniques, including stenciling, to make unique stationery pieces on heavyweight paper

Exchange and collaborate with fellow students!

Bring in 10-15 small photocopies (not print outs!), approximately 4" x 5", of black-and-white images you'd like to use to transfer onto letterhead. Make sure images are simple and clear; it will make the carving process easier. 

We'll also experiment with making envelopes for your letterhead! 

(class size: 10, hands on, includes a linoleum cutter set with several carving blades for you to keep!)

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