Only Oaks and Eating Acorns

image courtesy The Tree Seen
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Taught by Lisa Nett

Lisa hails from the tree filled state of Wisconsin. She studied forestry at UW-Madison, and the art of firewood stacking on the family dairy farm. She rolls through the city streets on a trusty Schwinn while sneaking peeks at the passing trees. Check out Lisa's tree-focused Tumblr, The Tree Seen, or follow her on Twitter, @lisa_nett

Saturday, October 28, 12:30-2:00pm

A tree tour with an unconventional flavor!

We will visit some oaks and appreciate these long-lived trees by foraging for and eating acorns (with a bit of preparation, of course).  

This class will meet at Prospect Park, and exact directions will be sent the day before the class. Walk meets rain or shine. 

Cancellation policy