Kombucha 101

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Taught by Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory

Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory created Kombucha Kamp (www.kombuchakamp.com) to provide the highest quality brewing supplies, information, and support. Known as “The Kombucha Mamma,” Crum speaks at consumer and corporate events nationwide. LaGory is a writer and producer who, with Crum, mentors homebrewers and serves as commercial brewing consultant. The couple co-founded Kombucha Brewers International in Los Angeles, where they reside.

Photo by Matt Armendariz

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The fermented food revolution is here, and Kombucha is leading the way! This fermented, probiotic-rich tea drink has become a staple at health food stores and markets across the country. Yet most Kombucha devotees probably don’t realize how easy and inexpensive this drink is to brew at home.

If you can brew a cup of tea, you can brew Kombucha! As bacteriosapiens, we are bacteria powered. The more bacteria-rich fermented foods that we incorporate into our diet, the better we feel. Learn how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of brewing Kombucha at home for a fraction of the cost while nourishing your human microbiome in this Kombucha 101 talk & Q/A with the world’s foremost Kombucha expert, Hannah Crum aka the Kombucha Mamma.

The Big Book of Kombucha shows readers how to brew their own Kombucha from start to finish, with illustrated step-by-step instructions and recipes for 286 different flavor combinations. With endorsements from Andrew Zimmern, award-winning TV chef and Michelle Tam, best-selling author of Nom Nom Paleo, this treasury of Kombucha knowledge is the definitive resource for guidance on making and customizing the drink at home.  

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the talk. 

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