Getting Published: Nonfiction Book Proposals

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Taught by Brooke Borel

Brooke Borel is a journalist and author. She's a contributing editor at Popular Science and she has also written for the Guardian, the Atlantic, BuzzFeed News, Aeon, and PBS's NOVA Next, among others. Her books include Infested and The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking. Check out her work at or follow her on Twitter @brookeborel

Wednesday, January 11, 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Brainery Annex (1233 Prospect Ave, Windsor Terrace)

So, you’ve found a killer true story and you want to write a book about it. How do you start? This class is an introduction to putting together a nonfiction book proposal. We’ll go over how to decide if your story is a book or a shorter piece, how to figure out if it’s already been done, what to look for in an agent, the mechanics of a book proposal, and more. And, if there is interest and time, we can talk a little about pitching and writing for magazines and the web.

This class is for you if you are: a nonfiction writer or someone interested in nonfiction writing, are relatively new at writing books and proposals, and you want to learn more about the traditional path for publishing (agents, publishers, that sort of thing). Bonus if you already have a book idea and are willing to workshop it in class, although it is not required.

This class is not for you if you are: a fiction writer, a poet, a memoirist, or any type of writer interested only in self-publishing.


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