Designing Career Change

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Taught by Amanda Crowell

Amanda Crowell is a writer,  professor and improvement coach, working alongside hundreds of people as they work to improve some part of their work or life. At the Brainery, Amanda brings lessons and tools from improvement science, psychology, user centered design, and action research to power your personal improvement. As a professor at the School of Education at Hunter College, Amanda works with teacher candidates as they navigate their first experience in an urban public school. As a consultant at Eskolta School Research and Design, Amanda provided professional learning opportunities across the city focused on utilizing improvement science to get better at getting better.  Amanda has a PhD from Columbia in cognitive psychology and her writing has been featured in Quartz, JSTOR daily, and others places around the web.  For more information, check out her website:

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What’s next for you? Are you unsure?  A lot of people are. 

in my experience, people struggle with the answer to this question in three ways:

  • Maybe you’ve lost track of who you are. In what ways are you awesome? What do you bring to the table?  What do you yearn to develop?  
  • Sometimes you’ve lost track of what you want. What problem are you going to dedicate your self to solving?  What industry could you read about all day?  How do you like to spend your days?
  • Maybe the sheer magnitude of this change has made you feel too intimidated or overwhelmed to get started.  It happens.  We’re going to hold hands and take the first step together. 

In this three week workshop we will get clarity and make progress toward your career goals. Using visioning and design exercise, informed by cutting edge psychological research, we’ll excavate and explore to gain clarity about your next step.   

And the best part? By the end you WILL have applied to at least one job.  See you there!

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