Australian Politics 101

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Taught by Jason Schulman

Jason Schulman is a life-long learner and wannabe scholar. A native of the great state of New Jersey, he earned his PhD in History at Emory University. When he’s not daydreaming about returning to Australia, where he spent a semester abroad, he’s trying to raise money for student scholarships at NYU.

Tuesday, July 17, 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Prospect Heights Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

From 2010-2015, Australia had five Prime Ministers in five years.  Like something out of a Shakespearean drama, there were stabs in the back, leadership spills, and double dissolutions.  Will things stabilize?  There's never been a more exciting time to follow politics Down Under.

This class will give you an overview of the structure, major personalities, and big-ticket issues in Australian politics today. The cast of characters would make a great movie. This is not your average afternoon C-SPAN stuff. Don’t fret if you have zero background on Australia; the country is facing the same big policy issues we are here, including immigration, the rise of populism, and climate change.  We’ll investigate how these issues play out in a different national context.  And with a new U.S. President, what is the future of the deep U.S.-Australia alliance?


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