Recovering Your Creativity Retreat in Montreal

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Join Christine Garvey for a 5-day course of drawing, writing, reflecting and community-building in the amazing city of Montreal!

“What you want to be doing is what you should be doing.”
-Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

Why is this so hard to believe? That what we want to be doing is what we should be doing?

Sometimes it feels impossible to give ourselves permission to do/make/see/build the things we want. We spend much of our time trapped under a feeling of obligation - that our time is better spent doing work we hate because it pays the bills, or putting others needs before our own because that’s what’s expected. It’s easy to lose touch with our creative selves, the part of us that sees potential and opportunity in the things we make - our own ideas.

As a teacher, I believe that what you want to be doing is what you should be doing. This is what we call creative intuition. You want to hot-glue two pieces of paper together? Great. You want to learn how to yodel? Excellent. The drive to do these things might seem strange but they are the bricks that lay the foundation for your unique artistic voice. They will make your work and your ideas, yours.

In this week-long class, you will learn how to re-claim that creative part of yourself and to give yourself permission to build the creative life you want.

Course Overview

In this course, everything starts with drawing.

I teach drawing as a way to locate ourselves - within a new city, within our creative practices, and within our lives. This week-long drawing intensive will focus on mixed-media techniques, encouraging you to experiment, collaborate, and play with new media, materials, and methods.

We will start each day with a 3-hour studio-based drawing course and end the day with facilitated group discussion around challenges we are facing in our creative practices.

You will leave the week with an intimate relationship to a new city, connections to like-minded souls, and meaningful tools for jump-starting (and sustaining) your creative momentum.

This course is for you if:

- You are feeling stuck in your creative life and want to reflect and recharge in a supportive environment.

- You enjoy drawing and want to learn new mixed-media methods (beginners welcome)

- You want to develop your voice as a visual artist

- You like to travel, explore new cities, and meet new people.

- You feel comfortable sharing your creative work and challenges with new people and want to support others in doing the same.

- You are ready to do something awesome!

Course dates: October 13-19th, 2019
Registration Deadline: September 16th, 2019

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This course is organized independently by Christine Garvey and Brainery gift certificates are not able to be used toward its price.

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