Job Opening - Apply by Nov 28, 2017

Posted by 16ec9eca tiny Jen on nov 21, 2017 under Blog Post

We're looking for someone to help out around the Brainery. It's part-time (approx 10-15 hours a week, $14/hour), entirely at the Brainery, and involves all kinds of super glamorous* and not-so-glamorous things. 

• Being in charge of the main space in Prospect Heights (190 Underhill) during classes on the following days - these days and times are set in stone and you must be available each week! 

   - Saturday, daytime (6-7 hours, exact timing varies a bit week to week, generally 10-6ish)
   - Wednesday evenings 5:30-10:30pm 

• Keeping the space clean and organized - set up, material prep, and cleaning. You'll need to be able to move tables, carry stuff up and down the stairs, sweep, mop, do dishes and the like. Lots of cleaning! 

• Being very detail oriented and on time! 

• Some computer work: updating the website and email correspondence, to be completed onsite during your shifts

To apply: Send us an email to Attach a resume if you want (pdf please!), and let us know why you're interested in the gig. College degrees not required. 

Apply by Tuesday, November 28, 2017 We hope to hire and begin training ASAP. Please no follow up phone calls. 

*Just kidding, none of it is very glamorous! 


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