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dear everyone in my class at F.I.T.

Posted by 81b202da tiny Brooklyn Brainery on dec 8, 2009 under Blog Post

Dear everyone in my class at F.I.T. who I just preached to (and everyone else, for that matter!),

We need you to take these classes. For serious.

The thing that makes Brooklyn Brainery work is the people in the classes, and what they bring to it. Since we don't have an official bossy teacher, a lot of the class relies on our backgrounds and experiences and own personal knowledge to. Maybe I know about Ethiopian food, and Jen knows about what trees are in Fort Greene park, and there's a billion things you could know that we sure don't. Everyone brings something different, and I'm convinced that you (all and any of you!) know plenty that other people would be interested in.

Aaaaand let's be honest, I'd rather hear your take on Draping or Accessories Drawing than drop a thousand dollars learning the two.

So, everyone! Even if you aren't interested in the classes this semester (although you should all want to take my perfume class), sign up for the mailing list. Really. It's up top. We're going to host at least 4 classes every couple months, and at some point we're going to run across something you want to learn.

Or just tell us you want to teach a class! Let's say you kind of like domesticating falcons, maybe we'll go ahead and have a how-to-turn-dangerous-birds-into-pets class. And someone will know how to sew and we'll all get those wicked gloves!

Brooklyn Brainery will be awesome, but that'll really be thanks to you.

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